Android App Manual

1. Installation
2. Usage
3. Support and bug report

1. Installation

Download Portolan Client from the Google Play Store at
Please note that the Portolan app has only been tested on standard Android versions. Installing the app on modified Android versions could lead to unexpected behaviour.

2. Usage

First, a pop-up window is displayed, containing information about the application. Press the “I Agree” to start Portolan or “Discard” if you don’t wish to take part in the Portolan project.
The home screen is a simple menu where you can select several measurements that you can perform from your network: diagnostic tools, speedtests and RSSI.
home screen
Once started, Portolan automatically performs measurements for the Portolan project. It periodically connects to our servers to retrieve any measurement tasks it needs to perform. If a task is received, the application carries out measurements and sends the results back to the server. Data stored on the servers is completely anonymous. No personal data is collected.
If you wish to check your contribution so far you can tap the Info button.
about screen

2.1. Network diagnostic

The measurements that you can perform are:

  • Traceroute
    Performs a traceroute compliant with the Paris traceroute algorithm, which is able to detect the presence of load balancers in the traversed path. Optionally one can use the Multipath Detection Algorithm, which is able to discover all the available paths between the source and the destination.
    traceroute screen
  • AS Traceroute
    Performs an AS Path traceroute that lists the traversed Autonomous Systems (ASes) instead of the IP interfaces.
    as traceroute screen
  • Ping
    Sends UDP/ICMP probes to check the reachability of the given target IP address or domain name.
    ping screen
  • Connection details
    Tests the received signal strength and returns information about your cellular and WiFi connection.
    connection details screen
  • Subnet calculator
    This tool is an easy-to-use IP subnet calculator that allows you to calculate every aspect of your subnet configuration.
    subnet calculator screen
  • DNS lookup
  • This tool provides a report on DNS records for a specified domain or hostname.
    dns lookup screen

  • Whois
    This tool finds information about a domain name or IP address. The IP-to-AS mapping is performed using BGP datasets provided by the Isolario Project. The geolocation of IP addresses and of ASes is performed using MaxMind’s GeoIP Lite database.
    whois screen
  • Subnet scan
    This tool scans IP addresses belonging to your WiFi network, for finding which are allocated and their open ports.
  • PortMap
    Scans a domain name or an IP address discover active services and open ports.
    port map screen
  • For Traceroute, AS Traceroute and Ping you can set several parameters via the settings screen.
  • settings screen

2.2. Speedtests

Two speed tests are available in Portolan:

  • Max Throughput Estimation
    Estimates the Maximum Throughput that can be achieved along an Internet path whose end points are your smartphone and the Portolan server located in Pisa, Italy.
    max throughput screen
  • BitTorrent test
    With this tool you can test if your ISP is shaping your BitTorrent traffic.
    bit torrent screen

2.3. RSSI

With RSSI Tracker you can start/stop a signal coverage tracing along your path.

3. Support and bug report

For support and bug reports contact us